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Vocabulary in the Video

Preview and listen to the vocabulary before you watch the video. Listen to the audio file above each word by double clicking on the black arrow next to the speaker icon. [ Flash Player Required ]

incompetence - not being capable of doing a job, not having competence. 
English was not her first language and so she had a feeling of incompetence whenever she tried to talk with her patients.
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displaced - when someone or something is forced out of its usual place or position.
Maria moved here because of the war. She was not only displaced physically by the war but continues to feel displaced emotionally and out of touch with her culture.
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peers - the people who are the same age, have the same job or social class, etc.
Reggie gets along with all his peers at work.
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clinically depressed - someone with a very severe depression. The person requires medical help.
David's depression is so extreme that he isn't able to go to school or do his normal social activities. His doctor diagnosed him as being clinically depressed.
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situational depression – a depression that develops because of a particularly difficult situation or event.
When Jeannette got divorced, she suffered from a situational depression for several months.
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– a person who has been trained to give treatment for either a physical or mental illness.
My son sees a therapist to get help with his depression. They talk about his feelings and things he can do to feel better.
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outreach – help or other services offered to people who would not usually get these services.
That outreach program has helped a lot of people with the problems you are dealing with. You should give them a call.
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anonymously – an adverb describing the idea of not being known by name.
Her husband wanted to get health information but called anonymously because he did not want to give his name.
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hotline - a telephone number that people can use to call for special information.
There's a new hotline for information about depression.
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resources - something that can be used for support or help, such as organizations, people, or information.
If you call the hotline you can get a list of resources that you can use to help your family.
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resourceful - good at finding ways of handling difficulties.
My aunt was resourceful when resolving problems her family had. She spent many hours thinking of ways to help them.
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staggering – surprising, alarming or extreme.
The data show a staggering increase in the rate of mental health problems for abused children.
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