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Vocabulary in the Video

Preview and listen to the vocabulary before you watch the video. Listen to the audio file above each word by double clicking on the black arrow next to the speaker icon. [ Flash Player Required ]

mental health counselor – A specialist who can talk with patients and their families about emotional and personal matters, and can help them make decisions.
Ed's teacher suggested his mother contact a mental health counselor to help the whole family deal with the death of his father.
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perspective – a way of thinking about something, a point of view.
That's an interesting perspective on the problem. I never thought of it quite like that.
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jump to conclusions – hurry too quickly to find an answer.
When evaluating a patient it is never a good idea to jump to conclusions and make a quick diagnosis. Download the MP3.

took into consideration
–  thought carefully about.
You took into consideration all the facts before making your evaluation.
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substance abuse - the habit of using drugs or alcohol in a way that harms your health.
Andre had a problem with substance abuse because he couldn't control his drinking.
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stigma – a strong feeling from people or society in general that being in a particular situation or having a specific illness is something to be embarrassed about.
It can be hard to accept the stigma of having a parent who is an alcoholic.
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– topics or situations a person has difficulty with.
Takako has issues with her boss at work that she would like to solve.
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support group - a group of people who meet to help each other with a particular problem.
They enjoy meeting and talking with this support group because then they don't feel like they are the only ones with this problem.
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AA – Alcoholics Anonymous, an organization for alcoholics who want to stop drinking alcohol.
Bill stood up at his AA meeting and talked honestly about his difficulties controlling his desire for alcohol.
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Al-Anon – an international organization that helps people who are related to alcoholics.
Samira is attending meetings at Al-Anon so she can get support dealing with her husband's alcoholism.
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– Alateen is for young people whose lives have been affected by someone else's drinking.
Cynthia attends Alateen meetings because her mother is an alcoholic and this causes problems for Cynthia.
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