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Project Care

About Us and This Project

Project Care Book coverIn 2006, World Education/US and University of Michigan Press entered into a copublishing agreement producing this website and workbook. The aim is to help English language learners involved in the care of others.


We thank all those who helped teach us how to care for others: our parents, our teachers, and our students.

We would like to thank students at Massasoit Community College for the helpful feedback we received from them. Special thanks to Simone Charpentier, Keiko Mizuguchi, Leonid Newhouse, and David Satin for offering their professional opinions, allowing us to video them and for sharing their expertise and insight on the case studies.

We are fortunate to have as friends two fine writers, P. Carey Reid and Linda Werbner. We want to thank them for sharing their tips of the trade and giving guidance on writing the case studies.  Thanks go to Silja Kallenbach, Sabrina Kurtz-Rossi, Julie McKinney, John Strucker, and Cynthia Zafft for giving feedback, ideas, and encouragement.

We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to work on this exciting new approach.  We have been thinking about linking a book with multimedia and the Web for a long time. Many people at World Education helped us. Thanks to Lenore Balliro and Carey Reid for lending us their voices and helping bring the website alive with audio.  Thanks too, go to Ruzica Banovic, Caye Caplan, Isilma Morales, and Leah Peterson for reviewing the site as well as Heather Brack, Ben Bruno, Delphi Lee and Priyanka Sharma for their technical advice. Special thanks go to Sally Waldron of World Education and Kelly Sippell of University of Michigan Press for supporting us in bringing this concept to fruition.

Steve Quann and Diana Satin

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